How to Build a Solar Generator

Many nations are embracing industrial development for the growth of their economies. Today, many industrialized countries have abundant solar power capacity for their citizens.

With high rate of inflation in the world, solar power has become the main source of energy. Technologies such as solar heating, solar thermal electricity, solar photovoltaics and solar architecture have made it easy to harness solar energy.

Many homeowners and companies are going green these days thanks to the many benefits linked with solar power. Many residential and commercial neighborhoods have solar generators that offer a cost effective source of power.

How to Build a Solar Generator

Now and then, we experience emergency blackout in our homes or offices, and we are left in dark and powerless situation. Such situations cause panic, anxiety, low production, loss of income and more hardship.

At all times, we need to be set for power crisis and purchasing the best power generator is the best option. With high demand for power in today’s society, many people are desperate to produce their own source of power.

“How can I build a solar generator?” is a common question among many homeowners and commercial buildings owners. A solar generator is a type of generator that uses solar energy.

A solar generator is consist of a solar panel, an inverter and a battery. For your solar generator to work effectively, it has to receive direct sunlight all the time.

If you are planning to build your own solar generator, make sure that you design a model that will satisfy your power needs. If stuck, it is wise to seek help from experts out there.

How to Build Your Own Solar Generator-Everything to Know

If you are wondering how you can build a solar generator at ease, worry not. This is a simple and easy to understand procedure.

The money you have been using on expensive fuels on yearly basis will make the process easier. There are several components that you need to assemble your solar generator.

You need a few dollars to purchase the right material to make this work a success. For those building a solar generator for the first time, this may seem quite expensive but it is a worthwhile investment. Here is how to go about it;

  • Get the best solar panel in the market.

It should be a cost-effective model that will produce enough solar power. Research thoroughly and purchase the right solar panel model.

  • Purchase a battery

A battery is essential as it is where your solar energy will be stored. Get one from green energy retailers as they understand the market well.

  • Purchase a storage device for your battery.

A battery box is essential especially if you reside in wet environs. It protects your family in case of exposed terminals of the charged battery.

  • Buy a DC input device

A DC input device makes it easy to plug in any DC appliance you want to use at home.

  • Purchase an inverter

If most of your devices run on AC current, get an inverter. An inverter is effective for your daily use as it converts DC energy stored in the battery to usable AC power.

Step By Step Guide To Building a Solar Generator

Now that you have every component necessary to build your solar generator in place, it’s time to assemble everything. Here is an easy to understand guide of on how to build a solar generator;

  • Attach the 12 volt DC meter to the top of the battery box. Then attach the DC input module on the same battery box. By doing so, you will be able to access both of these connections when using the generator.
  • Use the insulated wires to connect the 12 Volt DC meter to the two terminals on the battery. Connect the negative poles first and then the positive poles.

Next to connect is the DC input to the battery starting with the negative and then positive poles. Attach the solar panel to the battery’s terminals exactly the same way.

Ensure the solar panel wires are long enough so you can place it where it will get direct sunlight. Ensure the electric circuit is complete and working properly.

  • Ensure the battery box is well covered to avert any unwanted moisture. Leave the solar panel outside for hours and get the battery fully charged.

Building your own solar generator is not a complex process and it presents a better way of saving more money. You also need to invest on a solar generator as it generates free electricity, it’s portable and requires little maintenance.

A solar generator is also eco-friendly, creates no noise and provides sufficient energy for later use. Indeed, build your own solar generator today and enjoy these merits.