Champion Power Equipment 42436 Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 42436 Portable Generator


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This lightweight and quiet portable generator from champion Power Equipment is another great example of their dedication to quality and durability.

This generator is the perfect size for powering the basic essentials in the event of a power outage.  It is also well suited for running one or two power tools on a work site, or for running smaller electrical items at a campsite or on a fishing trip.

If you’re in the market for a portable generator, you may want to add the champion 42436 to your list of choices.

Fuel Type, Efficiency, Capacity and Run Time

The Champion 42436 takes unleaded gas to run.   With a 1.2 gallon capacity fuel tank, users can expect the portable generator to run for 10 hours at 50% capacity.  This is a good length of time for one gallon of gas.  The fuel gauge lets you know how much fuel you have so you know when to add more and prevents you from running out of fuel at an inopportune time.

Oil Information

The oil shut off value prevents the engine from ever running out of oil to where it seizes up.  This unit has an oil capacity of .42 quarts.  There is no need to mix oil and water for this model. Temperature plays a part in the type of oil that you use.  If the temperature is cooler you can use 10W-30 or 5W-30. If the temperature is below zero, only use the 5W-30 because it does better in mega low temps than the 10w -30 or 10W-40 does.

Noise Level

The Champion 42436 has a dB level of 65 dB at 23 feet. Noise level is always a concern when you’re running a portable generator because certain state parks and campgrounds have noise limits that must be adhered too. Show up with a loud generator and it’s likely you won’t be allowed to use it.

The limits vary from park to park and even state to state although the average seems to be between 60-70 dB.  It can even vary according to the time of day, with the daytime allowances being higher than the nighttime ones.  It is always best to call where you are going to be camping to find out what their particular requirements are.

Wattage (continuous and maximum)

Champion Power Equipment 42436aThe wattage allowance of your portable generator determines how much you can power with it.  The Champion 42436 is a smaller unit that has 1200 watts of continuous power and surge wattage of 1500.

This is enough to run a small appliance or several smaller things but would not be enough for larger electrical equipment.

Never overload your portable generator. If you need more power than this one provides, it is better to get a larger unit with more wattage than to try and take a chance and mess up your generator and the equipment you need powered.

This Champion portable generator is perfect for smaller jobs such as tailgating, camping, fishing trips and similar activities. Be sure to know the wattage requirements of the items you need and want powered before purchasing a portable generator and you won’t come up short on power.

Other Features

The Champion 42436 portable generator has some additional features that can be helpful for the smaller jobs you need it for.  These features include:

  • CARB Compliant
  • Oil funnel
  • Spark plug socket
  • Easy pull recoil start
  • ¾” steel frame for durability
  • Approved for sale in all 50 states
  • Lightweight at only 61 pounds


Champion Power Equipment is known for its superior customer service and high quality products. This portable generator fits right in with their usual high standards.  Champion offers a limited 2 year warranty and includes their lifetime Technical support.  If you need anything regarding your portable generator, Champion will exceed your expectations with their attentive customer service staff that will do their best to solve your concerns.

What are Customers Saying?

The comments and feedback a customer gives about a product they have purchased and used is very beneficial to other potential consumers.  It’s information that is not typically available on the selling sites and telling potential customers how a particular product works and if there are any issues they are experiencing with it.  Below are some of the comments that customers have made about the Champion 42436.


The champion Power Equipment 42436 portable generator may not be able to power your entire home, but it can make a camping or fishing trip a lot of fun and much more convenient, and it can be used in emergencies to power a small appliance or a few small household items easily. It starts easily and is extremely reliable.  You won’t be caught in the dark with this portable generator ready to work for you.  The price is excellent for those who are looking for a smaller unit for lightweight things.

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Champion Power Equipment 42436 Portable Generator