Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator


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Get dependable power for the campsite, home, jobsite or any other place you need portable power with this Champion 46533 portable generator.

You can run your lights, refrigerator, TV and even your sump pump all at the same time with this workhorse.  If you have it on the worksite, you can easily run 2-3 power tools.

Many users get this generator for camping, fishing, hunting, barbecues, outdoor parties and even smaller outdoor weddings.  It is a great mid-size portable generator that can be a major help for many types of uses.  If you have a power outage you will love having this generator.

It has a 196cc OHV engine with a cast iron sleeve.  The frame is durable and long lasting and it has plenty of receptacles for your items.  It weighs 110 pounds which is easy for two to move yet one can still move it if necessary.

Fuel Type, Efficiency, Capacity and Run Time

Get plenty of run time on a single tank of unleaded gas with the 3.8 gallon capacity tank.  You will have the benefit of up to 12 hours at 50% load capacity. This will increase with a lesser load and decrease slightly with higher than 50% loads.

This generator is CARB compliant so you can rest assured that it follows the required regulated standards on air pollution.  This means less air pollution which is a positive aspect of any engine powered piece of equipment.

Oil Information

There’s no need to mix oil and gasoline in the Champion 46533 portable generator.  It has a .6 L oil tank capacity.  You will need to fill it with oil before using it for the first time. It is recommended that 10W-30 oil be used unless you are running it in either extreme cold or extreme hot temperatures.

You will need to change the oil after the first 5 hours of use and then regularly after that.  You should check it after every 8 hours of use, but changing the oil can be done about every 50 hours of run time unless you are powering heavy loads.

Noise Level

Noise is always a consideration when looking for the right portable generator, and there’s no such thing as one that is completely silent, but overall the Champion 46533 portable generator is not too noisy to use when camping.  It has a 68dB level at 23 feet which is allowed at most state parks.

Be sure to call ahead to whatever campground or park you’re going to be traveling to and find out what their individual decibel restrictions are. It varies from state to state and even campground to campground so being proactive will save you the frustration of getting to a place and finding out you can’t use your generator.

Wattage (continuous and maximum)

Have access to 3500 continuous watts and a surge of 4000 watts to power your items.  With this amount of wattage you can take care of the home basics in a power outage easily.  It also has a voltmeter, and overload protection which increases the ease of use and safety of this portable generator.

To maintain your generator, it is recommended by users to start and run the generator every 2-3 weeks for about 20 minutes.   This will ensure that it is in good running order when you DO need it.

Other Features

Champion Power Equipment 46533aYou will have several additional features with the 46533 portable generator by Champion. These include:

  • CARB Compliant
  • Approved in all 50 states
  • Push to reset circuit breaker
  • Recoil start
  • Can have wheel kit added (purchased separately)


Champion is known for their customer service and quality products. They stand behind that quality by providing a 2 year warranty on their generator.  In addition users will have access to the LIFETIME technical support as well.  This is very helpful if anything goes wrong or the user has questions about something. Champion will do their best to help solve the customer’s problem or concern as soon as possible.

What are Customers Saying?

Customer comments can be very helpful in getting some inside information about the 46533 generator.  Most people are happy to share their experiences and opinions about a product they have bought and are using. You can take their experiences and learn information that isn’t going to be on the selling site.  Below are some of the comments customers have made about the Champion 46533 portable generator.


The Champion Power Equipment 46533 portable generator is perfect for taking care of many different situations where you need power.  It has the strength and wattage capacity to power many different items at one time, making it the perfect choice for power outages.  You won’t have to sit in the dark with nothing to do ever again as long as you have this generator. It is a user favorite and is easy to use as well.

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Champion Power Equipment 46533 Portable Generator