Natural gas portable generator

Are you searching for the benefits of a natural gas portable generator? As a home or business premises owner, you know how important it is to have backup power. The reason is that your area can experience power losses as a result of extreme weather or aging power grids. You may have lived for years without experiencing power shortages, which means you may think that you are safe.

However, old power grids or extreme weather strikes when you least expect. You need to prepare yourself for such scenarios. You also want to keep your refrigerator or freezer working to ensure that your home’s food supplies don’t go to waste as a result of a few hours of power loss. If you are running a hospital, you may have patients who are medically dependent on medical devices for 24/7.

It means you need to consider buying a natural gas portable generator that’s easy to carry from place to place in the case of emergencies. This post looks at all you need to know about a natural gas portable generator.

Easy To Operate

A natural gas portable generator is easy to operate whether you are at home or your business premises. That’s because it uses propane, which is easy to store, unlike gasoline. You may already be an owner of a propane grill since most barbecue grill owners have extra 1-2 propane steel containers in their sheds or garage.

If it was gasoline, you can’t store it where your family and pets frequent. The reason is that plastic gas containers are flammable and dangerous if kept in high traffic areas.

Longer Shelf Life

Propane grills are portable, which means that your steel tanks will have multiple purposes. You will use propane in your natural gas portable generator, which means that you can carry them by hand or on wheels. Propane also has a longer shelf life than gas.

Runs Quietly

A Natural gas portable generator is simple to start. They run for extended periods of time, for example, from 3.5 hours to 10 hours. That’s depending on the number of circuits that it runs. Most natural gas portable generators run on 10-12 circuits, which means you get assured of power.

You choose which appliances and systems to operate using your natural gas portable generator. When installing these portable generators, your technician will advise you on the best models that suit your needs.


Natural gas portable generators are practical and flexible to use. All you need to have is propane on site. That will ensure that the circuits you choose run no matter how long the power outage lasts since you will only need to change the tank. You can also use a transfer switch to make your upgrading of the portable generator to home one easy.

Security and Comfort

Another advantage of the natural gas portable generator is the security that it gives you during power outages. The reason that it’s during such times burglars and vandals strike and steal or damage your property.

The transfer switch makes it easier for you to upgrade the portable generator to a whole house generator. It’s a backup system that automatically starts and supports all your electrical systems that run in your home.

Suits Your Needs

If you aren’t ready for a whole house generator, you should consider a natural gas portable generator as a good backup option. That’s because you may have pressing financial needs, but still be in need of backup power.

What to Do

  • When hiring natural gas portable generator installers, make sure you ask for written estimates on their costs of installation. That will avoid payment disputes in the event of initial costs rising and stretching your budget.
  • Ask for guarantees on their work and materials. That’s because you need to be sure you are getting value for your money.
  • Consider installers with physical offices in your location. That will ensure they respond fast to your emergencies during power blackouts. Bear mind that you may have problems during unfortunate events such as extreme weather.

Final Thoughts

The above informative post on natural gas portable generators should make it easier for you to make a decision whether to install one. Remember to read online reviews of natural gas portable generator installers and ask for written quotes.