Small Portable Generators

is often heard said that good things come in small packages. This is easy to see when you look at all of the best small generator options which are on the market today. You will find that not only are the pricing points of the smaller generators very pocket friendly, but you also won’t have to comprise that much in terms of the wattage production. Why should you worry about a power outage, or not having power when you travel, when you have one of the best generators working for you?

Finding the best small generator is not always an easy task. With a large variety of output levels and features, which one works for your neighbor’s household might not work for you. This is why looking on the internet and doing your research will help you to find just the right one.

Why Should You Choose a Small Generator Over a Large One?

One that will give you a power option that is affordable when you are traveling or have an emergency will be the best small generator. Usually, these generators are going to generate around fifty percent of the power at the most of the larger portable generators today. In return, however, you will get a unit that is compact and lightweight, and which can go just about anywhere. There is only one receptacle on some units, so make sure to check out online reviews to see all the options that you have.

Another advantage of small generators is that they usually have better fuel efficiencies. Some of them in this classification only have a one gall fuel tank which comes standard, but you will get at times up to ten hours of use from just that one gallon of gasoline. Other options for small generators include solar or propane, however these are usually higher priced and aren’t always as efficient as opposed to their gasoline counterparts.

If you do not want to power up all of your appliances during an outage, the small generator is the perfect choice. A lot of them can run a microwave for warming food, a few lights and occasionally the refrigerator. Remember that you will have to cycle through your appliances in order to keep the generator from overloading, however if you do not mind a bit of work, you can end up saving a lot of money.

Typically, small generators are easier to maintain as well. Just ensure that from time to time you run fuel through the generator when it is not being used, about thirty minutes each month if you are using a gasoline generator. This will enable you to keep it in good working order. Keep an eye out for features like circuit breakers and an automatic oil level shutoff as well to ensure over the long term you protect your investment.

Prices for Today’s Small Generators

Small generators at the entry level can be found priced for under $300. You will not get a lot of wattage from these smaller models, usually around 1000 watts or less, however it can give you a level of power which you need in an emergency. The more advanced generators which have a number of features will usually be priced at the highest around $800. A small generator on average that will work for a majority of households costs around $500.