Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB Portable Generator

Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB Portable Generator


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This heavier duty generator was not originally supposed to be a portable generator, but due to the wheels kit that is included, moving it around from place to place is easy.

The stylish black and green color really stands out and is very recognizable.  It weighs about 193 pounds but with the wheels, one person can maneuver it where they want to put it with ease.

This is a very dependable generator that is dual powered which means it can take either propane or gasoline.  This gives additional options for those who want it and switching from one fuel to another is super easy.

You can use this powerhouse of a generator for emergencies, work sites, and even off the grid situations.   It has been called one of the best duel fuel generators available on the market and we can see why.

Fuel Type, Efficiency, Capacity and Run Time

This dual fuel generator can be powered by propane or unleaded gasoline.  The fuel tank is 6.6 gallon capacity and that provides 9 hours of run time at 50% load capacity.  It comes equipped with an easy to read fuel gauge that keeps you from having to guess at how much gas is in the tank.  This easy to read fuel gauge means never running out of gas.

Oil Information

The automatic low oil shut down prevents overheating from the oil being too low and protects the engine from permanent damage. It is recommended to use 10W-30 oil in this unit.  You should check the oil daily and add more as needed.  The oil tank capacity is one quart. That is what should be added when it is first used and every time you change the oil, you should drain it completely and add a full quart to replace what you drained out.  Be sure to check your owner’s manual so you know how often to change the oil.  Typically it’s about every 50 hours to keep it running properly.

Noise Level

The noise level of this generator is a bit louder than other portable generators and some may consider it loud at 73dB.  This is not a good unit to use for campgrounds due to the higher dB rating which may not be allowed at many campgrounds and state parks.

Wattage (continuous and maximum)

Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEBaThe Smarter Tools portable generator provides you with 6200 watts of continuous power and can surge up to 7500 watts.

When you are powering with propane, you can expect to lose about 10% of the power. Because of the duel power choices, you never have to worry about where to find fuel or how to get it.

Other Features

The Smarter Tools portable generator has many additional features that make it a customer favorite. These features include:

  • Can be connected to any size propane tank when you want it to run on propane.
  • 10 inch never go flat tires
  • Wheel trolley kit (included)
  • Overload protection
  • Digital hour, volt and Hz meter
  • EPA and CARB Compliant and Approved
  • Four 120V AC outlets, one 120/240V AC outlet and a 12V DC outlet.
  • Covered outlets for safety
  • Electric start
  • Battery included


Customers will get a two year warranty for this generator which can provide a lot of confidence in the product’s quality and give them peace of mind too.

What are Customers Saying?

Looking at customer comments can give you insight into a product’s performance in a way that selling sites can’t do.  People are happy to share their opinions, good AND bad, so it’s a great way to get honest information that can help you make a decision on which model to buy and can help you determine if this is the model that meets your needs.  Below are a few of the many comments that customers have made about this product.


Get a portable generator that can easily power a full household load including AC, fridge, lights, televisions, and much more.  Choose from propane or gasoline (or try both). You have a wheel kit that is included, that will make moving the 193 pound generator around with ease. It is the perfect choice for the worksite or away from home for the worksite.

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Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB Portable Generator