How was solar power discovered

Solar power is the technology that converts the sun energy and light into utilizable energy/power for commercial or residential use. Dating back to the 18th century, coal and petroleum were the modern energies. Petroleum/crude oil also known as black gold had just been discovered and was changing the world greatly. The world was running on paraffin, crude oil and coal. The discovery of electric energy then ushered in a new era which has lasted till to date. However solar energy, has been in existence through time memorial though not effectively utilized. With the world latest furiously fast advancing technology solar energy is now capable of powering a nation. The use of these unsustainable fuels like coal and petroleum have been found unfit for the environment and nonrenewable. Hence, there was need to have an alternative source of power, and more so today when some other nations are looking out utilizing every opportunity to shift to alternative energy for the sake of industrialization. The era of industrialization here in the western world was field buy crude oil and coal and it brought a lot of advances. However, today the curiosity of succeeding has helped in speeding the search for alternative cheaper source of power.

Solar power history

The demand for energy saw the scientist have sleeplessness nights in trying to discover another cheap source of power to drive machines and also which could be stored. By this they continued to look by all means and guess what! It was discovered. It was found that gold or platinum plates were submerged in a solution and then directed unevenly to the sun, electrical current was generated.

Its history can be defined by the various events that used the sunlight as a helping agent in the life of the early man. From discovering fire, this was through a concentrated sunlight using a magnifying glasses. This also lead to establishment of oven for cooking. The need to establish another source of power was inevitable and the already deteriorating and non-renewable sources of power was getting a hike and expensive throughout the world. This source of power was seen as a renewable one and its source is reoccurring thus standing as the best chance to have a sustainable power.

Dooming days of solar

Then came a time when solar energy was not one to be depended by states like France where they even failed to fund their own solar innovator. This cited that the solar power was not economically stable and could not be relied upon. They continued to shatter the dream away until late when the Russian scientist discovered the solar cells.

Bright day of science concerning solar power

The Russian scientist Alexander is associated with the first successful solar cell. Three years later the first water heater was invented. This was supported when the world came to true light that solar power was invented in light. Much latter in 1954 Bell Labs got the first true modern cell as we know it today.

The cost at this time was high and could not be afforded because of the high cost of producing these cells. However, as it was believed that solar power was a renewable energy, states around the continents accepted and embraced the solar energy.

Today this is one of the most encouraged means of power because it has no effect on the ozone layer, pollution is not counted on it and it is becoming cheap.


Solar power has had its history, some of which are disappointing because of the lack of support. However, since the right material and supported means got it right, it has given the solar power a boost and it has become one of the cheapest option we have in the world today. Today china among other nations is in the fore front in production of solar panels, batteries, solar accessories and gargets. Most nations have been able to achieve solar energy production at a large scale capable of running cities and even contributing to national grid power. Solar energy is now an effective alternative and cheap source of energy and can run any industry machines. Solar energy production is growing and will continue to because of the less effective and destructive it is.