Solar Powered Generator Review

What happens when you want an excellent power solution for base camps, cabins or perhaps for unexpected power outages? Well, an excellent solution for you at such a point in time would be the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator that lets you live a life of the grid and to also experience the luxury of camping as well.

This is because this gas-free unit can power through your power outages without the conventional noise that accompanies most backup generators and even more. The Goal Zero Yeti is a perfect alternative power source for apartments or where you don’t want to deal with the noise, fumes, maintenance, and overall hassle of a gas inverter generator. Since the advent of the first generator to hit the consumer market, the typical feature set of some of these things has been improving over the years and is simply amazing. The following solar powered generator review might just be the best place for you to gain insight into a unit that embodies all the features of a unique and contemporary generator.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Features


  • Power lights, CPAP machines, and TVs

The Goal Zero Yeti Generator will help you to power a broad spectrum of your machines with the inclusion of the special inbuilt AC converters. The unique design feature of the alternator that comes with this generator makes it ideal for extensive periods of use and without leading to compromise on your power generation capabilities. The manufacturer of this unit have demonstrated an affinity for excellence by ensuring that this poratble solar generator can power your favorite devices without causing long-term damage to the power components of your given device. In addition, the Yeti is a quiet inverter generator that is safe for use in small areas as it won’t emit carbon monoxide like standard portable generators.

  • Chainable with other Goal Zero Yeti 400

This solar powered generator can be integrated with various other top-rated generators that are available on the consumer market for additional runtimes and power capabilities as well. In fact, not many of the conventional generators that can be found on the consumer market today are capable of integration and the Goal ZeroYeti is chainable with other 33Ah lead acid batteries for longer runtimes so you can do more. All you simply need to do is link two generators to experience prolonged power capabilities to the Goal Yeti. This solar powered generator also comes with special surge protection similar to what is found in inverters; this faeature mitigates the effects of excessive power surges, which may be harmful to your electrical devices.


  • Safe for indoor use

Users will also appreciate that this generator is safe for indoor use since it comes with various powering options for users. Whether it’s recharging from the wall, car, or sun car charger, this generator provides a variety of charging options to provide you with the peace of mind to enjoy your time outdoors or perhaps when a power outage occurs. While the solar panel might be sold as a separate component from the entire unit, it does provide more than sufficient power for your unique power supply needs.

  • 1.5 ampere USB outlet, 12 volts outlet, and 300 watts pure sine AC inverter

Further lending to the superior power and design features of the Goal yeti 400, is the fact that it comes with various charging options to suit the unique device types that you may have at your disposal. For instance, the ample sized 1.5-ampere USB outlet makes for an excellent solution for powering your small handheld devices while the 12 volts outlet makes an ideal solution for items such as Televisions sets and even your handheld devices as well.

Compact sized and durable design

Furthermore, this goal Yeti generator also comes with a compact design that makes it a highly portable solution especially for those who like taking on the outdoors. Besides that, this unit comes with a durable design that is meant to provide optimal scratch and impact resistance to make it an excellent solution for delivering endless power for your unique needs. The inclusion of the ergonomic handles means that this unit is easy to carry and it you can carry it for long distances without suffering from any fatigue.

Solar Panel

Goal Zero makes a portable solar panel designed for portability. The Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase plugs directly into the Goal Zero Yeti without additional cables or controllers. This solar panel is durable, constructed from lightweight aluminum, and tempered glass.


Given all these points, when it comes choosing the ideal power solution for your unique needs, it’s important that you take the time to invest in unit that will provide the ideal value for both your time and money. The goal yeti 400 is one such example since it comes with a broad spectrum of power features that allows you to enjoy the best of generator power, especially when engaging in activities such as hiking. With this generator, you can easily enjoy sufficient peace of mind especially when going outdoors or perhaps during power outages as well.