The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

In today’s modern world, a power outage can bring everything to a screeching halt.  We live in a world of technology where almost everything we do revolves around the need for power of some kind.

Power outages happen for all sorts of reasons including severe weather, malfunction of the system, something happens to a transformer, and other causes.  Although it can be very inconvenient, having a power outage does not have to be catastrophic if you are prepared and know what to do.

Once the power goes out it is a little too late to get ready so it is important to prepare yourself ahead of time.  There is usually no warning when the power goes out in a home or business and suddenly finding yourself in the dark can be a little disconcerting.  Use the information in this guide to make sure you are ready and you’ll know exactly what to do and where everything is the next time you experience a power loss.

This Resource guide is designed to provide all the information you need should your power go out.  These links we have researched and gathered cover everything from what causes power outages to teaching your children how to deal with a power outage even if they are home alone.

Use this valuable guide to make sure that you, your family, and your co-workers are ready for the next power outage. You will find that with the implementation of these tips, strategies and suggestions, the next power outage you have will not be nearly as bad.

The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

What Causes Power Outages?

Power outages are most commonly caused by weather but there are other things that could cause your power to go out as well.  The links below explain some of the things that can happen to cause you to lose power.

What is a Power Outage?Chances are, at some point in your life you have experienced a power outage. Just in case you are one of the few who haven’t, here is a basic explanation of what a power outage is and what types there are.

8 Common Causes of OutagesAlthough the weather is a big culprit in power outages, sometimes you may experience power loss when there is no sign of bad weather. This link explains 8 common causes of power outages.

11 Weird Things That Caused Major Power OutagesHere is an interesting article about 11 odd things that occurred that resulted in power loss.

What Causes Power Outages?An informative article on the types of power outages and circumstance that can cause them.

The Many Causes of Power FailuresPower outages are explained in detail in this informative and helpful article by Diesel Service and Supply.

The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Preparing for a Power Outage

One of the best ways to handle the inconvenience and discomfort that power outages cause is to be prepared ahead of time. The links below will help you understand what to do to always be ready for a power outage.

10-Ways to Prepare for Winter Power OutagesThere are many things you can do to get ready for a power outage before it ever happens. This article provides 10 ways you can prepare yourself for power loss during the winter.

What to Do in a Power Outage (And How to Prepare for One)An excellent resource for what you should do in a power outage and things you can do to prepare for one.

How to Prepare for and Stay Comfortable during a Power OutageUpdated for 2018, this valuable article explains ways you can stay comfortable and get ready for a power loss.  

Tips and Tricks for Handling a Summer Power OutageA power outage can have different dangers associated with it depending on whether it happens during the summer or winter. Here are some tips for handling a power outage in the summertime.

14 Ways Every Homeowner Should Prepare for a Power OutageIf you know bad weather is coming, there are things you can do to get ready. This link lists 14 things you should do BEFORE the bad weather hits.

12 Brilliant Power Outage Hacks That Will Help You Brave the Next Winter StormWinter can be a rough time to be out of power.  Freezing cold temperatures can be great for keeping your food from spoiling but can be really tough when it comes to keeping warm. Here are 12 great hacks you can use during your next power outage during a winter storm.

Winter Power Outage TipsDealing with a power outage during the winter is different than dealing with one during the summer or warmer months.  Here are some tips to get you through a winter power outage as easily as possible.

What to Do When the Power Goes Out When You’re TravelingIf you are traveling and the power goes out where you are staying there are some things you can do. Most hotels don’t have flashlights in the rooms. Read this article to be prepared no matter where you are.

6 Survival Life Tips on How to Stay Warm In WinterIf you get a lot of winter storms, it will benefit you to be prepared for power loss and know how to stay warm if you are without heat for a period of time.

13 Ways To Cool Your House During A BlackoutIf you lose power during the summer there are some things you can do to keep the house as cool as possible. Here are 13 great suggestions. 

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Supplies and Kits for Power Outages

Having the right supplies on hand is very important when it comes to handling a power outage as comfortably and safely as possible. Below are links to supply lists and kits that can make a huge difference in how well you deal with being without power.

Supplies You Will Need In A Weather Emergency Or Power OutageA great resource that provides a list of the things that you will need during a power outage or other weather emergency.

6 Emergency Essentials for Surviving 72 Hours Without PowerWhen you have taken the time to be prepared, a power outage may not feel as bad. Get caught off guard and you could be in for a stressful, frustrating time.

9 Supplies You Need for a Summer Power OutageBe prepared for a power outage in the summer when the heat can be unbearable.These 9 supplies will help.

20 Things to Have on Hand for Power OutagesPower outages don’t have to be miserable. Check this list of 20 things you will want to have on hand for any kind of power loss.

When the power goes out…….have a blackout kitThe time to have your blackout kit ready is BEFORE the power outage happens. Take the time to prepare yourself, get your kit ready and you will feel much calmer and happier the next time you have to deal with a power outage.

Disaster Supply KitAn excellent resource that will help you pack your first aid kit and emergency bag properly in case of a power outage.

First Aid Kit ListPart of your preparation for power outages needs to be a well-stocked first aid kit.  Here is a valuable list that will tell you everything you should pack in your first aid kit.

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Preparing for Long Term Power Outages

A power outage for a few hours is hard enough but when it starts to get into days and even weeks, it can become frightening and stressful unless you have prepared beforehand. These links will help you prepare for long term power loss. This is very important in places where hurricanes are prevalent.

Creative Ways To Prepare For Power Outagesa fascinating viewpoint on dealing with power outages that can make the whole experience interesting and even fun.

Planning for Long Term Power OutageLong term power outages require additional levels of preparation.  Take a look at this resource that will help you plan for long term power loss.

Cooking, Surviving And Thriving During A Long-Term Power OutageWhen your power outage lasts longer than a few days you will need to take additional action to deal with the extended time without electricity. This excellent resource will help you prepare.

How To Effectively Prepare Your Family For Power Grid FailureA power grid failure can mean you will be out of power for a lot longer than a day or two. Here is a great resource for preparing for long-term power outages.

Tips for Long-Term Power OutagesIf you are dealing with a long-term power outage, don’t worry. Take the time to prepare ahead of time and you will be able to get through this time relatively easily.

Power Preparedness: A Survival Guide for Power FailureAn informative guide on handling more serious, long term power outages.

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Communicating during Power Outages

Communication is very important during a power outage. There are certain things you need to prepare ahead of time and be aware of during the storm. The resources in this category will help you maintain communication as much as possible and tell you who you need to call and when.

FCC/FEMA Tips for Communicating during an EmergencyThere are many things you need to know when it comes to communicating during a power outage emergency.  This link provides some excellent tips and suggestions on what you need to do.

4 Life-Saving Ways to Communicate When the Power Is OutPower out? How are you going to communicate, especially if you are caught off guard with the outage? Here are four ways you can communicate in the event of a power emergency.

5 Ways to Communicate When the Power is DownCommunication is important during a power outage so you can keep up with alerts and let family members know that you are okay.

Communications During a Power OutageCheck out this article on how to keep communication going even in the event of a power outage.

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Power Outages and Food

What to Eat When the Power Goes OutKnowing what to eat during a power outage and having the right foods on hand is very important to staying comfortable, especially if the power outage lasts a day or two or even several hours.

Power Outage Shopping ListCheck out this printable power outage grocery list.  Print it off now, BEFORE the power goes out and start building your food emergency kit today.

9 Healthy Meals to Make if You Lose PowerThink all you get to eat during a power outage is peanut butter and cold canned food? Think again!  Check out these 9 awesome meals that you eat during a power outage.

5 Short-Term Methods to Store WaterWater is important for many things in day to day life. During a power outage, it is important to have enough water, especially since water lines can go down as well.

Frugal Prepping: 30 Survival Items You Can Get at the Dollar StoreWant to stock your preparation pantry?  Take a look at these items you can get at the dollar store.

Food and Water Safety During Power Outages and FloodsThe best plan for a power outage is to be ready BEFORE it happens.  This includes being knowledgeable about food safety and the precautions to take all throughout the power outage. This information will help you be prepared to handle your food safely.

Here’s What to Keep and Throw Out After a Power OutageAfter a power outage you may not know whether the food in your fridge is good or not.  This guide will help you monitor your food and know what to do with it during an outage.

10 Best Foods for Power Outages and EmergenciesHere are 10 foods that you can have on hand for power outages.

Six Tips For Feeding The Family During A Storm-Related Power OutageHere are six great tips that you can use for feeding your family whenever you are caught in a power outage.

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Kids and Power Outages

Power outages are hard enough without having to figure out how to keep children entertained.  Losing power is hard on everyone in the home so being prepared with things for them to do is going to be great for all members of the family.

“I’m bored”: 30 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained When the Power Goes OutHaving planned activities for the children in the event of a power outage is the key to preventing them from being bored and driving everyone crazy, or worse, fighting with each other non-stop. This article provides some great ideas to get rid of boredom when the power is out.

5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained During a Power OutageCheck out these five fun ways to keep the kids entertained when there is a power outage.

100 Things To Do With Kids During a Power OutageA huge list of suggestions on what to do with the kids during a power outage.

What Do You Do With Tech-Obsessed Kids When the Lights Go Out?In today’s society, most children are tech-obsessed and dependent. The power going out can cause huge problems if you are not prepared.  Here are some suggestions you can use.

Welcome to Power Outage Activities, Or Games Families Can Play in Low LightSometimes a power outage can be a good thing when you are prepared. Some families even say that their kids wished the power went off more often since with the right preparation it can be really fun.  Here are some great games that can be played in low light or when the power is off.

The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Medical Issues during a Power Outage

Power outages are hard enough when there are no medical problems but when you have family members that have medical issues, a power outage can become even more dangerous and scary.

Surviving a Power Outage with Complex Medical IssuesThere are many things you can do to reduce the effects of a power outage on family members and children that have medical challenges and issues.

Your Health When the Power Goes OutExperts in the emergency preparedness field say that having a plan in place for those who have health conditions is critical to keeping you or other family members with medical problems healthy and safe.

Power Outage Safety Plan for People on OxygenDealing with a power outage is hard enough when everyone is in good health but what if someone in your home is on oxygen? Here are some suggestions and tips for dealing with power outages when someone in your family requires oxygen.

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Pets and Power Outages

When you are preparing for the event of a power outage it may slip your mind to take your pets into consideration. There are several things you need to do to make sure your furry family members are okay and safe during this time as well.

7 Things Pet Owners Should Do After a Natural Disaster StrikesHere are some important things to remember during a power outage or other natural disaster that can keep your pets safe.

How To Care For Your Pet During An Extended Power OutagePeople have all kinds of animals as pets.  These animals will need to be taken care of in the event of a power outage much like your children will be. Here are some great suggestions for taking care of your pets in an extended power outage.

Keeping Pets Safe Without Power in SummerA great resource for taking care of your pets safe if the power goes out in the summertime.  This large article covers all kinds of animals and what you can do to protect them.

Pet Owner Alert: Preparing for a Power OutageWhen you are preparing for a power outage by getting supplies and plans in place for your family, make sure you include your pets in those plans.

Caring for Your Small Pet Animal during a Power OutageDogs and cats are common pets that people have. They are affected during a power outage as well and need to be taken into consideration but what about smaller, caged pets?  Take a look at this excellent article on keeping your smaller, caged friends safe and comfortable during this time as well. 

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Safety during Power Outages

Safety is always important but you need to up your game during a power outage due to many situations that can become hazardous. The links below will help you and your family stay safe during any power outages.

What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out UnexpectedlyThere are many things that you can do when the power goes out that will protect you from injury, illness, and other dangers. This article covers many potential dangers and how to prevent them during an outage.

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning During a Power OutageThere are some very important things you need to remember and do during a power outage to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.  This article covers them.

Staying Safe During a Home Power OutageWhen your power is out at home you want to take precautions that will keep your family and your home safe. This article will help you do that.

Power Outage SafetyStaying safe during a power outage is very important. Here is a great resource that will help you protect yourself, your family, your children, and your pets.

Safety after the Storm and During Power OutagesIf your power has gone out during a storm there are some things you need to be aware of after the storm is over.

 The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

Generator Information for Power Outage Use

Many people purchase or borrow generators during power outages that are going to last for a few days or longer.  Generators are great for keeping some things back on but it is important to understand how they work, what they can handle, and how to work with them safely.

Portable Generators 101. Here’s how they work: When the power is out a generator is a great way to provide electricity when you really need it. Here is some information on portable generators and how they work.

Portable Generator Reviews and Buying GuideIf you are looking for the right portable generator for handling any power outages, this is the guide for you. Along with suggestions on the best portable generators, there is also a helpful buying guide. 

Portable Generator Buying GuideHere is another great buying guide for generators brought to you by Lowes.

Surge Protector Reviews and Buying GuideSurge protectors are important for helping your equipment get through a power outage that can cause a surge.  These surges can be damaging so having protection in place is very important.

Generator Buying GuideA large review that will explain all you need to know about generators and the differences between the offerings on the internet.