WEN 56877 Portable Generator

WEN 56877 Portable Generator


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If you’re looking for power and a lot of features the WEN 56877 portable generator just might be what you’re looking for.

With an electric start for convenience, this generator has all the power you need to run your essential household appliances during power outages.

In addition it makes a great worksite generator, having the ability to power several tools and power equipment easily.

When you’re using a portable generator on a worksite, it must be strong enough to power the equipment you need to use.  WEN 56877 is definitely strong enough to handle the rigors of the worksite with ease.

During power outages, you will find that you can easily power all your electrical equipment such as the fridge, lights, small AC units and even televisions.  You’ll have everything you need to stay comfortable during a power outage even if it lasts for a week or two.

The WEN portable generator is EPA certified and meets the USDA forest service standards for U.S National Forests.

Fuel Type, Efficiency, Capacity and Run Time

The WEN 56877 runs on unleaded gasoline and provides up to 9 hours of run time at 50% work load.   Decreasing the work load increases the run time. The gas tank is 6.5 gallons.

Oil Information

The oil tank capacity is 37 fluid ounces.  You should use 10W-30 oil for this generator but this can be altered a bit according to temperature.  If you’re running the generator in 40 degrees or less, switch to 5W-30 oil and if it’s over 80 degrees switch to SAE 30. These viscosities can prevent issues from occurring with the engine such as hard starting, etc.

It’s important to maintain your generator by changing the oil at sufficient intervals.  What is usually recommended is every 50 hours of run time, change the oil and check it every 8 hours. Proper maintenance will keep the engine running in good shape.

Noise Level

Noise is something that comes up a lot when it comes to portable generators.  It’s inevitable with a generator of this size to be on the louder side. The WEN 56877 is a louder generator with a rating of 82db.  It’s recommended that barriers be placed to help contain the noise this generator makes.  It’s not a good choice for camping due to this noise level, but with the right containment, the noise can be buffered so it is not so bothersome.  On a worksite, the noise level is not usually an issue at all since worksites are notoriously loud anyway.

Wattage (continuous and maximum)

Users get 7000 continuous watts of power with surge wattage of 9000 watts.  The 15 HP, 4 stroke engine is air cooled which keeps the engine from overheating.  This much power is able to handle the majority of home essentials such as your fridge, the lights, sump pump, televisions, ac units and other small appliances with no problem.

Other Features

WEN 56877aThe WEN 56877 portable generator has a lot of features that make it very useful as an emergency generator. These features include:

  • Low oil shut off
  • Voltage indicator light
  • Electric push button start
  • Multiple receptacles
  • Spark arrestor
  • Digital hour meter
  • Wheel kit
  • DC outlet


This WEN generator is covered by a two year limited warranty to the original purchaser. This means that if you sell the generator during the warranty period, it is not transferable to the new owner.  If the unit is used for commercial purposes the warranty is 90 days.  Make sure you fill out the warranty card and get it in so your portable generator is registered. The warranty service is through the WEN customer service.  Materials and workmanship are covered under the warranty and they provide repairs that are under warranty at no charge for parts or labor.

What are Customers Saying?

You can find out more about the WEN 56877 portable generator by reading what other customers who have purchased it and are using it have to say about it.  Customer feedback is a great way to get inside information about performance and other things that are not going to be on the selling sites.  Below are some of the things customers have to say about this generator.


When it comes to dealing with power outages, the WEN 56877 is the ultimate portable generator to have on hand in an emergency.  You won’t have to worry about losing valuable food to spoilage and your family won’t be sitting in the dark without lights, heat or AC or even without entertainment when you have this unit ready to go for backup power.  It’s an excellent way to get maximum peace of mind for your family’s well being.

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