Westinghouse WH6500E Portable Generator

Westinghouse WH6500E Portable Generator


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Westinghouse is a very popular and well known name in appliances but you may not have known that they also have portable generators as well thanks to a partnership they’ve made with Westpro Power systems that expanded their reach into generators, inverters and pressure washers.

This Westinghouse WH6500E is one of the products that this partnership is responsible for creating.  It has an array of features that benefit the user and is simple to operate as well.

Fuel Type, Efficiency, Capacity and Run Time

This generator runs on unleaded gasoline but can also run on gasoline that has 10% ethanol added to it.  The fuel tank holds 6.6 gallons of gasoline and can run for up to 13 hours at 50% work load.  This is a good long run time that means you won’t be adding fuel 3-4 times a day.  This also means more fuel efficiency which is always a good thing that customers enjoy. It’s not CARB compliant for California use, but it does meet EPA standards in the US.

Long run times are always a plus for the user because it means that you won’t have to mess with it a lot to keep things running.  In the middle of emergencies, not having to constantly worry about refilling the fuel tank every 8 hours will be a real plus.

Oil Information

Users do not need to mix oil and gasoline for the Westinghouse WH6500E. It is recommended to use 10W-30 oil for the 1.05 quart oil tank.  Temperature can play a part in how well the oil responds inside the crank case, so be sure to read the owner’s manual to see if it recommended using other weights of oil in certain temperatures.  It will be much easier to add the oil by using an oil funnel since the oil fill spot is close to one of the generator’s wheels.  The low oil shutdown feature prevents the engine from getting damaged in the event the oil level gets too low.

Noise Level

The Westinghouse WH6500E is extremely quiet. In fact it has been said that it’s the one of the quietest portable generators on the market today.  Although there are not published decibel levels, there is no doubt that users will find this quiet model perfect for camping even if there are noise restrictions, which there typically are in most campgrounds and state parks. The oversized Pulse-Flo muffler and catalyst are part of what is responsible for the super quiet operation of this great mid-sized portable generator.

Wattage (continuous and maximum)

Westinghouse WH6500EaYou will get a lot of power with this unit’s 357cc OHV engine that has a cast iron sleeve and produces 6500 running watts and 8000 surge watts.

With this much power you will be able to run your fridge, lights, TV, and even your computers thanks to the clean electronics friendly output that protects your electronics.

Having the ability to power what you use the most is a real benefit in the event of a power outage and this generator allows you to do that.

The electric start that this model has means you don’t have to pull start your generator, something that many users love.  Just press the button and you’re all set. It does have a manual backup in case you need it.  You can choose from the one touch electric system or the color coded touch points system, using whichever one appeals to you the most.  You get a starter battery when you purchase the generator.

Other Features

The Westinghouse WH6500E has many additional features that make it a great choice for your power needs.  These features include:

  • all steel construction
  • electric and manual start
  • Voltage regulator system
  • High leverage handle
  • 10” solid wheels
  • fully enclosed electric connections


Warranties are always important for high ticket items. The Westinghouse WH6500E has a three year limited warranty that is for the original purchaser of the generator only. You can transfer it to someone else if they buy it. All your defective parts if any are found, and labor is covered and then for the remaining two years of the warranty, just the defective parts are covered and no labor.

What are Customers Saying?

Westinghouse WH6500EbCustomer feedback and comments will help you get information about this generator that will power power tools just as easily as is can power household appliances.

These customers on average love this love everything about this generator. Below are statements and word from the customers who have purchased the unit and have used it.


For those looking for a mid-sized portable generator that can power all of your home’s essentials, the Westinghouse WH6500E fits the bill.  It has a lot of features, 6500 running watts and 8000 surge watts and will run so quietly that you can take it anywhere.  It’s the perfect choice for camping, fishing, traveling in an RV, work sites and power outages.  No matter what you want to power, chances are the Westinghouse WH6500E can handle it.

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Westinghouse WH6500E Portable Generator