Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator

Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator


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Sometimes larger portable generators that have over 5000 watts of run time are missing some of the design features that a smaller generator has, but that is not the case with the Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator.

You will find that it has more than enough power to take care of most of your home’s essentials when you are dealing with a power outage, yet it has a lot of features that enhance it even more.

With the power and features this model has you will find it very useful on the job site and for use during power outages.  It is not the best choice for tailgating or camping due to its size and weight, but it works well for powering your RV.

It is a good choice to be hooked into your home’s power supply but you will need to get a transfer switch to do this accurately and safely.  With all the features this model has, add in that it has an electric start with the battery included, a wheel kit that is included and much more and you have a portable generator that will be at the top of your list.

Fuel Type, Efficiency, Capacity and Run Time

This portable generator is run on unleaded gasoline and you should ensure that it has no more than 10% ethanol added and needs to have an octane of 87 or better.  The 6.6 gallon fuel tank provides 11-13 hours of run time at 50% work load.  Full capacity would probably provide about 5 to 6 hours of run time and 25% work load would allow for 14+ hours of run time.   Even though the WH7500E is not CARB compliant for California, it meets the EPA requirements for the remaining 49 states.

Oil Information

Your engine is protected with the low oil shutdown switch that will shut off the engine if the oil level gets too low. This prevents the engine from being permanently damaged.  The low oil indicator light will also keep you apprised of the level of oil you have in your oil tank.  Because this unit has a 4 stroke engine, you do not need to mix oil and gasoline and doing so will mess up your engine.  The oil tank holds approximately 1.05 quarts of oil.

10W-30 is the recommended oil for this model. Since the oil reservoir is very close to one wheel, it will be much easier and less messy to use an oil funnel when adding oil to the oil tank.  You should change the oil once the unit has been operating for 20 hours and then plan on changing it every 50 hours after that.

Noise Level

Even though there doesn’t seem to be any specific decibel information on this model what has been stated by those who have used it is that it is much quieter than comparable models of the same size.

This portable generator uses an oversized muffler and catalyst that is called the Pulse-Flo.  This contributes to the ultra quiet that customers are reporting it to have.

Wattage (continuous and maximum)

Westinghouse WH7500EaThe Westinghouse portable generator is a great choice for taking care of the majority of your home’s appliances during a power outage.  You can even hook it into the main breaker of your home’s power supply as long as you use the proper transfer switch and have it connected correctly. If you’re adding in appliances such as your stove and dryer, make sure you have plenty of running watts and surge watts to support it.

You have 7500 watts continuous running power and 9000 surge watts to work with.  This is a lot of wattage but whether it’s enough or not will depend on your individual wattage needs. That is something you should already know before your purchase a generator.

Other Features

The Westinghouse WH7500E has a lot of features that make is a great choice for your power needs. These features include:

  • Solid wheel kit (included)
  • Handle kit (included)
  • Easy start capability
  • Voltage regulator
  • Steel construction for durability
  • Long running time
  • Large wattage capability
  • Quality alternator
  • Low oil shut off


Users get a three year limited warranty on the Westinghouse WH7500E. Parts are covered for the full three years of the warranty, but labor is only covered for the first year.  The emissions control system is covered for 2 years.  If you are using your generator for business or commercial use, the warranty is a one year limited warranty.  Make sure you keep your purchase receipt and register the unit as soon as you get it home to ensure your warranty is in effect and recognized.  The warranties are only valid for the original purchaser of the unit so if you sell it to someone else during the warranty period they will not get to have the warranty.  You have to ship the unit to a WESTPRO authorized dealer for repairs in the event it needs anything.  To keep your warranty in effect you must maintain and care for the generator according to the manual’s instructions.

What are Customers Saying?

When you are considering a high ticket item like a generator, especially a large one, reading what other customers have to say can be a valuable resource in learning about the item’s performance.  Below are some of the comments that customers have to say about the Westinghouse WH7500E.


This Westinghouse WH7500E is a customer favorite and has the power to run your home’s electrical equipment with ease.  This ability makes it a great choice for emergency power outages and work sites.  It’s easy to use and set up and it is even relatively quiet in comparison to other portable generators of the same size and power.  The all steel construction means you will have it for a long time and with the proper care it will always be ready in the event of an emergency.  Despite its size and weight the included wheel and handle kit make moving it around easy to do,

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